What Makes Us Different

Pat’s Market is a family-owned and operated butcher, caterer, and gourmet delicatessen with 47 years of experience serving Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, New Jersey counties, and beyond. We are known for providing only the highest quality products and services.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and stand behind all the products we provide. We keep the tradition of a local old fashion butcher to help bring back memories of a simpler time when families all sat down together for a home-cooked meal. With that in mind, we provide you and your family with the components you will need to achieve just that.

We offer a full line of gourmet food items—all prepared by our in-house chef with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our catering offerings are both unique and fun. We work with our customers to customize a catering menu to make your event a memorable one for everyone. And at the center of it all is our signature butcher shop, which is second to none. We source all our products through Pat LaFrieda. The best in the industry, it sources products from small farms.

Pat's Market Beef

Pat’s Market Beef comes from all Black Angus steers. The steers are raised on small, family-owned farms. The steers live on pasture and are finished on corn to develop the marbling that our customers seek. Our sourced steers feature an all-natural “never” program of all-natural Blank Angus beef, which is 100% hormone and antibiotic-free for their lives. Our well-sourced steers are processed in a faculty—less stressful situations for the animal results in better-tasting meat.

Pat's Market Veal

Milk-fed veal and humanely raised on small, family-owned Mennonite and Amish farms.

Pat's Market Lamb

offers various lamb options, from fresh Colorado Lamb to Imported Lamb. These lambs are raised on family farms and fed an all-natural, vegetarian diet. Lambs are finished in a low-density, free-choice lot that allows at-will movement from indoor to outdoor feeders. The lamb is rich in marbling and sweet in flavor.

Pat's Market Pork

includes several all-natural of all-natural heritage breeds. We are particularly proud of our all-natural Hampshire pork. Hampshire pork is hormone and antibiotic-free and fed an all-vegetarian diet of non-GMO corn, soy, and foraged grasses. They mature, develop naturally in a social indoor/outdoor environment, and are never crated. The result is tender meat with a rich and complex flavor profile that is sought after by the finest chefs in the country. We also offer the best premium 100% Berkshire Pork from a coalition of independent family-owned farms in the Midwest. They are committed to raising Berkshire pigs using a strict code of humane and responsible animal husbandry. Presented with “room to roam” and never fed antibodies or hormones, we haven’t tasted better pork. Additionally, we are proud to offer local Berkshire Cross Pork from Schoharie, NY. These Berkshire hogs are raised most humanely.

Pat's Market Chicken

Pat’s Market Poultry offers a poultry line to fit everyone’s needs. We are proud to provide the country’s best air-chilled poultry, ensuring no retained or added water and producing tender, flavorful birds. Humanly raised in a low-stress environment, they are never given antibodies or hormones and eat an all-vegetarian diet. We receive the chicken fresh every night from Pennsylvania.

Pat's Market
Custom Burgers

All our chopped beef blends are made from 100% whole domestically raised beef. We never use trimmings in our blends. The meat is chopped to order at frigid temperatures, which keeps the heart coarse and prevents it from getting overworked—our hamburger patties are available in any size. One taste of our burgers, and you will see why they are legendary. Below you will find a list of our most popular blends; however, we can custom blend whatever you desire:

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