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Discover the Finest Premium Beef Selection in Lincroft, NJ, at Pat's Market. Elevate your culinary experience with prime cuts of beef and gourmet indulgence.

A beautiful steak cut from our finest butcher | beef cattle must be 9-30 months of age | Porterhouse Steak | Natural Prime | Premium Beef | Pats Market NJ

Porterhouse Steak

The Porterhouse is a steakhouse classic. One side of the enter bone is a Fillet and the other side is the Strip. You get the best of both worlds. To be considered prime, beef cattle must be 9–30 months of age.

Short Rib

The king of braising cuts. Short rib is the extension of rib that comes from below the ribeye in the forequarter. It is one of the most well-marbled cuts of beef. When cooked for upwards of 2 hours this cut falls right off the bone.
This well-marbled cut of beef is the short rib | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ
The Denver steak is unexpectedly tender! | | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ

Denver Steak

Flavor-wise, this cut is untouchable. The denver steak is cut from one of the most well marbled muscles in the entire animal. It sits directly above the chuck roll and is unexpectedly and pleasantly tender.

Bone-In Ribeye

The most prized piece of beef, the bone in ribeye sits in the forequarter of a steer between the shoulder and the loin, which lends to its richness and heavy marbling. Best cooked on the bone for consistent temperature and added flavor. Typically cut 1 ½ – 2” thick.

Our beautiful bone-in ribeye | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ
This cut, called the bottom round, is perfect for roast beef | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ

Bottom Round

A large lean cut of beef from the round sometimes called the silverside or outside flat. This cut is perfect for a traditional roast beef. It’s the only cut that boasts a beautiful cap of fat that slowly bastes the meat while roasting.

Chuck Eye

The chuck eye steak, like the Denver steak, is an unexpected hero. This cut is an extension of the ribeye as it stretches further into the shoulder. You basically get the flavor and tenderness of a ribeye, without having to pay the price.

A close look at our chuck eye steak | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ
Our chuck roast is perfect and an easy-to-cook addition for a get together

Chuck Roast

This cut is the traditional pot roast. Cut from the shoulder, it’s one of the tougher cuts of beef. However, when braised slowly the chuck becomes tender enough to melt in your mouth. The chuck makes a perfect easy-to-cook centerpiece for a large get together.

Stew Beef

Cut from a combination of brisket and chuck, our stew meat is ideal for the 2hr braise. Our butchers carefully cut each piece into 1”cubes for consistent cooking and even browning.

Our stew beef is ideal for the 2hr braise | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ
Our freshly grinned ground beef is perfect for those summer burger days | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ

Ground Beef

Our ground beef is a specified blend of chuck, brisket, short rib and flavorful cuts of steak that we trim while butchering every day. It’s an exceptionally beefy blend ground to an 80/20 ratio of lean meat to fat. We do a medium coarse grind for a better mouth feel. and we always grind fresh daily!

Wagyu New York Strip

For the ultimate wagyu experience, we source our New York Strip Loins from Blackmore Wagyu in Australia. Arguably some of the best beef on the planet, this cut is perfect for any special occasion or simply as an indulgence. The high level of intramuscular fat in this cut make it incredibly juicyand tender.

The famous Wagyu New York Strip | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ
Our oxtail are the tougher pieces from the tail, but will give the best flavor from being cooked for about 4 hours | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ


Oxtail are the tough meaty pieces of the tail. Although less well known among household cooks, this cut may be the best choice for a long slow braise. The cartilage found in the joints in the tail give it an unctuous, “stick to your lips” texture when cooked for nearly 4 hours.


Our flatiron steaks are incredibly well-marbled and extremely tender. The flat iron is know to be one of the most tender pieces of beef second only to the tenderloin.

The extremely tender flatiron cut | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ
The go-to for slow cooking, the beef brisket | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ

Beef Brisket

Whether smoking or braising this cut is the go-to for slow cooking. Brisket is cut from the forequarter of beef and is technically the pectoral muscle. It’s heavy fat coverage makes it perfectly suited for long-term smoking, and it’s a well-known staple in the tradition of southern BBQ.

Beef Marrow

Beef offers few indulgences quite as rich in flavor as bone marrow. Cut from the femur, tibia and humerus bones, marrow bones can be cut down to 2-3” pieces or canoed in half to meet your needs. When it comes to marrow, the simpler the preparation the better.

Our beef marrow cuts | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ
A classic cut to grill, the lean skirt steak | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ


A well-known classic on the grill, skirt steaks are a long 1” thick strip of meat that hangs along the ribs within the animal. The steak’s thin profile makes it ideal for a quick sear on both sides. Due to the loose grain of the muscle fiber that runs through the skirt this cut is primed for marinades and seasonings.

Hanger Steak

Often called the butcher’s cut, hanger steaks, as its name suggests, hang in the center of the steer’s body acting as the primary muscle in the diaphragm. This prized cut is well marbled and eats like a skirt steak with a more intense depth of flavor. Certain to give your favorite steak a run for its money.

This cut is called the hanger steak and is rich in flavor | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ
The rib cap "spinalis" is a beautiful cut | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ

Rib Cap "Spinalis"

A true chef’s cut, this muscle is peeled from the top of the ribeye and comes as a result of cutting ribeye filets. It’s arguably the most flavorful and dynamic cut of beef. About an inch thick, the ribeye cap eats like a hybrid of flank steak and flatiron.

RibEye Fillet

A unique cut of beef rarely seen in butcher’s cases, the ribeye filet is the true center cut eye of the rib. It’s similar to a filet mignon in size and tenderness, but hearty and well-marbled like the fan favorite boneless rib eye.

Similar tp the filet mignon, the ribeye fillet is very hearty | Prime Meat | Pat's Market in Lincroft NJ
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